How to add phone numbers that can call your watch

Frequently Asked Questions

Watch at 0:54

The watch makes an international call when it makes an outgoing call. The 1 is necessary to successfully make this call, as it is the US dialing code. 

Watch at 1:02

In the notifications settings, you can set a notification to call emergency contacts’. If you do this, it will call all the numbers that you set as an emergency contacts from top to bottom. 


If you don’t want one of your contacts to be called, set them to ‘no’ when adding them as a contact.


It will also call all emergency contacts in order when the SOS button is pressed.

Please make sure that you aren’t calling from a private number as the watch won’t be able to recognize the number when you call in. 


If you still want to call with a private number, you can turn incoming call whitelisting off

Watch at 1:27

Avoid Answering Machines is a very clever feature, which allows the watch to tell when it’s calling voicemail. It’ll do this by asking you to press 5 when you answer to confirm that you want to receive the call. Turn this off if you don’t want to have to confirm the call when you answer. 


Incoming call whitelisting enabled makes it so only the contacts can call the watch. If you turn this on, anyone call call the watch.


We’d only recommend turning this off if more than 8 people will need to call the watch.


Ringing Timeout is used to set the length of time that the watch will try to call a loved one, before moving onto the next one. The default is 60s. 


If you’re in a poor signal area, we’d recommend extending this.


Call Center isn’t used and can be ignored for now!


By default, we’ll place the phone number from the order in the contacts section.

If you want to remove the SOS button functionality completely, you can delete all the contacts. If you do this, the user won’t be able to make calls using the SOS button. When they press it, the watch will say ‘No SOS numbers’. Please be aware that you won’t be able to call the watch if you do this.


If you still need to be able to call the watch, set all your contacts to ‘no‘ when asked if you’d like to add them as ‘emergency contacts‘.