How to Setup Your Tranquil Watch

How to Setup Your Tranquil Watch

Full Setup Video

Make sure to watch this from beginning to end, as otherwise you will miss important sections.

Watch, Charging & Straps

These videos cover the physical elements of the watch, anything you can touch or feel.


Welcome and what we’ll cover

What's in the box?

What came with your watch

Charging & Activation

How to charge and activate the watch

Buttons & SOS Calls

What the watch’s buttons do

Mini Beacons (MUST WATCH)

Mini Beacons

What beacons are and where to put them

Locking Strap (skip if you didn't buy)

How to attach a locking strap

Tranquil App

These videos cover how to download, setup and use the app.

Downloading & Logging in

How to download and log in to the app.

In this video

  • How to find and download the app
  • Finding your login information
  • Logging in to the app

Dashboard (Home Screen)

What all the features and buttons mean

In this video

  • What all the buttons do
  • Emergency tracking (use if they’re missing)
  • Calling the watch with one top

Map (Tracking)

Map Screen
(Tracking & Locating)

How to track their location and see where they’ve been

In this video

  • Checking where the wearer is
  • Looking at locating history (where they’ve been)
  • What all the map buttons do

Safe Zones (Geo-Fences)

How to be alerted when they’ve left a certain area

In this video

  • Creating and deleting multiple safe zones
  • Changing the size and shape of safe zones
  • Naming safe zones (e.g. Mom’s house)


Select which alerts you get by app, call or email

In this video

  • Set who get alerts (e.g. family members)
  • What you’re notified about (e.g. they’ve left a safe area)
  • How you’re notified (e.g. by app, call or email)


Who can call or be called by the watch and in what order

In this video

  • Who can call in to the watch (whitelist)
  • Who’s called by the watch when the SOS button is pressed
  • Which order the contacts are called in


inc. time, language, volume etc.

In this video

  • Changing the time zone (e.g. EST to PST)
  • Changing the language (e.g. al español)
  • Setting the volume of the watch’s speaker
  • How long the watch’s data is retained


How to call in or out from the watch

In this video

  • Pressing the watch’s SOS button to make a call
  • Dialling the watch’s number from your cell
  • What happens when you’re called by the watch

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