Our Story

“I wanted to ensure my Grandmother had the safety, happiness and independence she deserved, while staying in the comfort of her own home.”

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Miles Waghorn   / Founder

It started with Nanny

My grandmother Margaret Waghorn (or ‘Nanny Wag’ to me) was a strong, caring and loving matriarch.


As sharp as a tack, she always beat me (and anyone else for that matter) at Scrabble.


Having four children in four years (that can’t have been easy!) and eventually 5 grandchildren, she always put those around her before herself.


I learned a huge amount from Nanny, but one thing always stuck with me; your family always comes first.

I wanted to help

As Nanny grew older, her health started to deteriorate.


First, severe Arthritis affected her movement, then eventually dementia began to affect her incredible brain (but somehow, never her sharp wit!).


As independent life gradually became more difficult for her and everyday tasks were a struggle, I wanted to help.


As I understood both the world of technology and the difficulties she was going through, I knew there was something I could do.


Home is where the heart is

From the fond, family memories to the neighbours next door, Nanny’s home was not just where she lived, but part of who she was.


The decision for her to eventually move in to a nursing home was a painful and difficult one, that neither she or our family wanted to make.


I was convinced there must be a better a way, a way she could remain happy, safe and independent at home.

How it started

In 2014 while studying at college, I set about solving the problems my grandmother (and millions of other people) were going through.

I searched the globe for technology to help older people stay independent, but what I found was shocking.

The solutions were undignified, stigmatizing and didn’t really work. There was no way I was giving them to my grandmother!

It became my mission to solve this problem, creating beautiful care gadgets that older people are proud to use.


How we help you

Balancing daily life with looking after an older loved can be really tough.

We offer peace of mind when you can’t be there, reducing stress and allowing you to enjoy life’s precious moments without worry.

Help them stay independent at home and relax in the knowledge they’re safe, with Tranquil.

Leading Technology

We combine beautiful Scandinavian design with Silicon Valley technology to create products that not only look fantastic, but have leading performance you can rely upon.

Outstanding Service

We know you have enough on your plate already to be worrying about anything else. That’s why we have experts available to help 7 days a week, simple setup videos and more.

Unbeaten Knowledge

We know what it’s like caring for an elderly loved one, because we’ve done it. Having helped thousands of families just like yours, we’re experts in how tech supports care.

World Class Quality

Hand crafted in Finland

FREE Fast Delivery

Anywhere in the USA

12 Month Warranty

Giving you peace of mind


Enable every older person to be happy, safe and independent at home.

Mission Statement

Enable every older person to be happy, safe and independent at home.

In loving memory of Margaret Pamela Waghorn.

August 17, 1930 – December 21, 2019