How to make calls from the watch

Frequently Asked Questions

Watch at 0:07

Make sure that the phone number that you’ve added is in the contacts section


Once you’ve done this, you can go to the watch dashboard and press call watch as this will open the watch number into your dialer. Just press the call button on your phone and the call will start.


Make sure the phone number that you’ve added is in the contacts section, with your phone number set as an emergency contact.


Please press and hold the SOS button on the watch until it says ‘starting SOS call’, wait and the watch will begin calling your phone.


By default, the watch gives 60 seconds for the contact to answer. If it is taking longer than this, then there may be connection/network issues in your area.


If this isn’t long enough, you can change this by going to watch dashboard>device settings>ringout time and changing the value to a longer time, e.g 90 seconds or 120 seconds.

By default, the watch can’t do this, as we try to make the watch as simple as possible to use. However, if you’d like this feature, please get in touch and we can activate this for you.

Please make sure that you’ve added your phone number to the contact section on the smartphone app. The watch blocks calls from unknown cell phone numbers to prevent the watch from receiving scam calls which may cause confusion.


Make sure that all numbers have a 1 in front of them, e.g 18004671494, as without this it will not recognise the number.

Please make sure that your cell phone is not set to private, as the phone will not recognise your number when you call in.


Make sure that the area you’re in has enough signal to make the call. It’s possible that the area that the watch is in at the moment doesn’t have much signal. You can test if this is the case by taking the watch outside, or to an area you know to have good signal and making a call from there. 


You can check cell signal on the watch by pressing the crown button, it’ll appear in the top right corner of the screen on the watch. If there is an X, please try testing calls from the watch in a different area.

In the same way that the watch automatically answers when you call it, if should automatically hang up once you end the call. 


The wearer can also hang up the call by pressing and holding the crown button when on a call.