Safe Zones (Geo-Fences)

How to create a GeoFence

Frequently Asked Questions

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A Safe Zone/GeoFence is a digital area within the Tranquil app. When the user leaves/enters this area, you can be notified. 


The GeoFence isn’t a physical area, so the watch will need to get a location update outside/inside the GeoFence to notify you. As the watch updates every 2 minutes, it’ll take a maximum of 2 minutes for the watch to get the location and then notify you. This will be even faster if the device has emergency tracking turned on. 


When the user has left a GeoFence area, there will be a blue location pin on the map.

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  1. Go to more>safe zone editor.
  2. Press the icon, in the top right corner of the map, that looks like this:
  3. Enter the address and zip of the location that you’d like to add a GeoFence to. 
  4. Once it has changed the location on the map to your new location, press add.
  5. Press circle, and then tap where you’d like the center of the GeoFence to be. 
  6. If you’d like to change the size of the circle, you can use the radius at the top of the map. The largest GeoFence is 656ft (200m) and the largest is 32180ft (10000m). You can also drag the GeoFence around by pressing and holding on the red location pin in the center of the circle.
  7. Once you’re happy, press save.

We generally recommend using circle GeoFences for most areas, especially small ones. If you’d like to use a polygon GeoFence for a large area, please try the following:

  1. Follow the instructions 1-4 above.
  2. Press Polygon, and tap where you’d like it to go.
  3. Press the new button that has appeared that looks like this:
  4. This will open a red pin on each corner of the square.
  5. You can then press and hold on the red pins to drag them around and draw the square as large as you’d like it. 
  6. Once you’re happy with your square, press the green tick button
  7. Press save.

This is to prevent any false alerts that may occur if the device is tracking indoors (e.g emergency tracking is turned on).


GPS technology is less accurate indoors, due to the satellites not being able to see the watch through building materials. 


If you’d like to be alerted when the user leaves their home, we’d recommend using the ‘home beacon range exit alarm’ option in the notifications section.

The minimum GeoFence size is 656 feet. This includes the polygon GeoFences.


If your notifications are delayed, please try using a circle GeoFence (to make sure it’s the correct size), or make your polygon GeoFence larger.

Don’t worry! Your watch doesn’t think you’re in New York. This is just the default location, as it needs to show somewhere on the map on the first time it loads. 

If you press this button , you can search your address and zip and it’ll move the map to your location.


Once you’ve created a GeoFence, it’ll then open the Safe Zone editor at your GeoFence. You may have to zoom in to see them.

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If you want to edit your GeoFences, open the safe zone editor and press show list.


You can then press on the GeoFence you’d like to edit. Press the pencil icon to edit the name, use the slider to change the size of the GeoFence, or press and hold the red pin to move it.


Make sure to press save once you’re done!