Home Beacons

How to change the address of the home beacon

Frequently Asked Questions

You will need to add the address that the user lives at. This means that when the watch is in the range of the charging dock/mini beacon, it’ll locate at the home address that you set. 

When you change the address and press ‘find address’, it will change the co-ordinates for you to the new address that you have entered.


We’d recommend not editing these, as they can lead to the home beacon being in the wrong place!

We recommend that you change the address of the beacons if the user is taking the charging dock with them. This is because when the watch is near the charging dock, it thinks that the device is at home and sets the location to the address of the home beacon.


If it is not changed, it’ll look like the user is at their home address until they leave their accommodation on holiday, where it’ll start updating with GPS locations. 


We’d recommend changing the address of the home beacon to the hotel/AirBnB/loved one’s home address while they’re away and then changing it back afterwards. 

Make sure you’re at least adding the first line of your address and zip to the box.


It searches the entire Earth for your address, so if you were to enter just ‘123 Baker Street’, it’ll find multiple locations with that address.


If it can’t find your address from the address and zip, try entering your full address. You could also try entering a nearby address/street, pressing find address and then dragging the home icon to your home. 

There is no need to edit the Mac Address field, as these are assigned to your watch before shipping. If this was edited and changed to an incorrect mac address, the watch wouldn’t function as expected.

The most important thing is that the home icon is in the correct place, so the map shows the correct location when your loved one is near the beacons. 


The address is generated using Google Maps/Apple Maps. If you’ve moved the beacon to the correct location and it has given the incorrect address, you can leave this, but if you want to make sure it has the correct information, you can change the generated address and press ‘accept address’ and then save this.