How to change the general settings on the watch

Frequently Asked Questions

Watch at 0:14

Time zone can be used to change the time on the watch, depending on the area that the watch is used in. We set the time zone depending on the shipping address provided at the checkout, this may need changing if the user lives in a different area.


Language can be used to set the language that is displayed on the watch when the SOS button is pressed.


Volume is used to set how loud the watch’s speaker is. You can slide it left to make it quieter and right to make it louder. 


Make sure to press save when changing any of these settings!

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Location Allowed lets you turn off the tracking, if you only wish to use the device for calls. We recommend you keep this turned ON.


SOS Location Allowed makes the watch submit a location when the user makes an SOS call. We’d recommend keeping this turned ON.


Data Retention Time allows you to set how long the history is saved for. 


Make sure to press save when changing any settings!